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Who we are?

WiseStella is a comprehensive, user-friendly software platform designed by maritime experts and researchers for shipping companies to streamline and optimise their daily tasks.

The WiseStella platform offers a unique user experience by providing sophisticated yet easy-to-navigate tools that enable shipping companies to navigate the daily challenges of ship management effortlessly.

Its name comes from the merge of the words Wise coming from the Wisdom of knowledge and “Stella” that means “Star” in Latin.
Just as the ancient explorers relied on the stars to navigate uncharted territories, WiseStella empowers to navigate the vast shipping industry with confidence and precision. Our name is derived from “Wise,” symbolizing the wealth of knowledge and expertise we bring to shipping operations, and “Stella,” embodying the guiding star that ensures the shipping operations reach their destinations seamlessly.

Our Vision

In our vision, we strive to lead the digitalization of the maritime domain by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Our goal is to empower shipping companies with end-to-end automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

We envision a future where manual processes are replaced by intelligent systems, enabling seamless communication, real-time data analysis, and informed decision-making. By embracing the power of digital transformation, we aim to optimize resource utilization, improve safety and compliance, and unlock new opportunities for business expansion. Committed to driving positive change in maritime through expertise and digital tools, we empower clients to stay ahead in a dynamic industry.


WiseStella is a fast, simple and efficient Shipping Digital Solution Platform

THAT provides End-To-End Automated Maritime Management Tools as a Platform
FOR Ship Management and 3rd Party Inspection Companies
WHO need to
MEASURE, CONTROL and FORECAST their company specific targets,
CONDUCT and MANAGE their self-assessment and self-improvement processes by utilizing SIRE 2.0 questionnaire (Regulation), Human Factor Self Assessment, Hazard Identification, Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis, Crew Management, Predictive Maintenance, Sustainability Control in Shipping

Our Team

Our team at WiseStella is comprised of maritime experts and technologists who are committed to providing the most innovative solutions and support to our clients. With decades of industry experience and a deep understanding of the challenges facing shipping companies, our team is dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


Ferhat ABUL
Chief Executive Officer

More than 18 years experience in the shipping industry in various positions as senior auditor/surveyor, HSEQ & Business Development Area Manager at DNV as well as Quality Assurance and Training Director at Scorpio Ship Management’s Istanbul office managing various sized oil/chemical tankers.
He is an expert in safety management systems as an experienced auditor he is also a qualified marine assessor and trainer. He has been delivering various training courses for different topics such as internal auditor for integrated management systems, incident investigation and root cause analysis, risk assessment and management of change, ISO 9001 and 14001 standards for shipping companies.

At WiseStella, we’re proud to have Ferhat Abul at the helm. His extensive experience and expertise resonate perfectly with our motto, “Navigate with Wisdom”. His dedication to safety and quality management aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions for the industry.


Chief Technology Officer

17+ years of experience in building Data Strategies and Data-Driven Solutions across several industries for customers around the globe leveraging Data , AI & Cloud.
With his Computer Engineering background, Ali has deep technical expertise in Software Engineering, Data Warehousing, Data Engineering , Data Lakes, Data Management, Data Program Management, Machine learning and AI applications.
His strength is on consulting and creating End-to-End SaaS and Data driven solutions, Data Strategy creation, Auto ML & AI solutions, Agile Transformation and Innovation.

With Ali’s technical expertise and dedication to developing innovative data-driven solutions, WiseStella is primed to, revolutionise maritime operations, and set new standards in maritime excellence.


Dr. Rafet Emek KURT
Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Rafet Emek Kurt is a distinguished expert in maritime safety and risk, specialising in the critical role of human factors. His significant contributions to research projects focussed on ship design, optimisation, and operation have consistently placed human factors, safety, and risk at the forefront. Dr. Kurt’s research has been featured in esteemed journals and conferences, playing a pivotal role in advancing awareness of human factors in maritime and human-oriented ship design.

Currently, Dr. Kurt’s work encompasses a spectrum of vital areas, including human risk-informed design, human reliability assessment, safety culture, organisational culture, experimental investigation of human performance, marine accidental learning, resilience engineering, and maritime workarounds (“work as imagined” vs. “work as done”).

For WiseStella, Dr. Kurt’s expertise is a driving force behind our mission to revolutionise maritime operations. His dedication to human-centric safety principles aligns perfectly with our commitment to making the maritime industry safer, more efficient, and forward-thinking. With Dr. Kurt on board, we’re confident in our journey toward a safer maritime future.