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Wise SIRE 2.0.

Wise SIRE 2.0 Tool is an digitalised inspection application that enables Tanker Operators to self-assess their SIRE 2.0 compliance which is in line with OCIMF’s requirements.
Independent Inspectors can also use Wise SIRE 2.0 Tool for pre-vetting preparation activities.

Wise SIRE 2.0 Main Features are:

  • Effortless Questionnaire Based Self-Assessment.
  • Standard & Seamless Reporting with continuous history of past assessments.
  • Collaborative team based assessment within the organization.
  • Easy access to external Experts and SIRE 2.0 Consultants.
Wise BCA

Wise BCA (Behavioural Competency Assessment) Tool allows shipping companies to assess their crew’s behavioural competency systematically. This is particularly important as the way crew members interact with each other, ship systems, equipment and procedures directly related to the safety of ship operations. Although the importance of behavioural competency is clear, assessment of such soft skills is proven to be problematic without having specific Human Factor expertise and without adopting a systematic approach. Wise BCA Tool is developed to help shipping companies address both.
Wise BCA Tool is in line with the OCIMF’s guidelines.

The main features of the Wise BCA Tool are:

  • Provides a systematic digital tool to evaluate the Behavioural Competency of seafarers.
  • Easy-to-understand templates and best practice examples to enable improvements.
  • Academically designed assessment questions to evaluate the crew members’ soft skills in an objective manner.
  • Provides necessary guidance and enables companies to learn and improve their assessment skills.
  • Identified actionable training needs.
  • Access to related training courses and Human Factor experts to support improvement.

Wise HFSA (Human Factor Self Assessment) Tool enables shipping companies to evaluate their readiness for proper integration of human factor considerations into their safety management systems.
The Wise HFSA Tool not only enables companies to self-assess their current level but also guides them to set correct targets to achieve the next level of HFSA compliance.
The HFSA’s approach is fully in line with the OCIMF’s HFSA guidelines.

The main features of the Wise HFSA Tool are:

  • A sleek interface enables seamless self-assessment.
  • Allows collecting and linking, and reporting evidence for proof of compliance with KPIs.
  • Allows benchmarking against past assessments and industry averages.
  • Allows target setting and assigning improvement actions.
  • Provides guidance for improvements to achieve the next HF level.
  • Direct access to other HF tools and HF experts to achieve satisfactory compliance with defined OCIMF requirements.
Wise Well-Being

Wise Well-Being empowers shipping companies to monitor and evaluate the well-being of their crew members proactively. With Wise Well-Being, crew members can report their well-being in a casual chat format, capturing key dimensions of physical, mental, social, and intellectual well-being. Our platform generates actionable results to help shipping companies maintain healthy and happy crew members, ultimately enhancing safety, productivity, and crew retention in today’s crewing crises.

  • Casual, non-formal chat-style surveys promote participation.
  • Actionable results enable improvement.
  • Automatic report generation speeds up processes.
  • Smart visualizations facilitate benchmarking and trend analysis.
  • Anonymous results protect seafarers’ identity.
  • Direct access to WiseStella’s Well-Being professionals helps companies in addressing well-being issues promptly.

Wise TMSA-3 (Tanker Management Self-Assessment) Tool is a simple solution for self-assessing your TMSA rating. Users can reply all levels of questions in a fully digital environment which enables to keep all progress in a unique digital tool.

That will also help tanker operators to monitor their continuous improvement with the TMSA-3 compliance and be able to retrieve data for necessary statistical analysis.

Wise SCA

The Wise Safety Climate Assessment tool allows safety professionals at shipping companies to run quick and anonymous surveys to investigate the collective perception of an organisation’s commitment to safety. Safety climate refers to common perceptions, beliefs and attitudes employees share about an organisation’s safety. It is proven that the safety climate that exists in an organisation is directly correlated with that company’s safety performance. (e.g. injuries, accidents, near misses, employee morale etc.)

Wise Safety Climate tool’s Features are:

  • Quick set-up and launch.
  • Academically developed and validated.
  • Does not require specific expertise but familiarity with own company.
  • Flexible set-up, which enables easy adaptation to each organisational structure.
  • Standardised automated reporting, which enables benchmarking.
  • Easy access to specialists if additional support in interpretation is needed.

Wise IIRCA (Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis) Tool is not only for benchmarking the incidents with a large number of shipping companies but also easily analyze the root causes to lead ship owners/managers to most effective preventive actions. Wise IIRCA is fully digital from initial reporting, uploading evidences and systemizing the facts till finalizing the incident investigation report for release. The Tool is compatible for mobile use -as many other WiseStella tools- that makes it easy to be utilized by ships’ crew immediately after an incident without going through paper based reporting formats or email exchanges. Wise IIRCA can create the initial incident notification and communicate it via emails to relevant departments, parties as defined by the user.

Wise SMS

Wise SMS (Safety Management System) Document Management Tool is a digital solution which simplifies the document exchange between ship and shore. The tool stores any kind of document, procedure, guidelines and checklists, reports those make up the safety management system. Documents can be saved, amended, tracked and categorized as per the needs of ship management companies. Wise SMS Tool is available both online and offline; so that seafarers can access and process any kind of document, record even with a low internet connection while at sea.